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Dominate the Competition

Does the idea of easily capturing online traffic make you smile?  You’ll be smiling in no time when you start dominating page 1 of Google. Why? Because, you know you are on top of your game and now everyone else does too.

New Customers

Maximize your online exposure.  Stop handing new customers over to your competition.  Optimize your web presence and let them discover you first.

Boost Revenue

New leads to new customers, new customers to rising revenue.  But don’t stop there.  Our services will help you find new customers AND help drive increased revenue from the ones you already have.

What We Do

Increase Your Revenue

Our SEO team will maximize your online presence.  We will make sure your hard-earned money will have the greatest return by increasing your customer base with an influx of prospects and building up relationships with your current ones.

Your Success: Our Goal

Our approach in SEO will allow you to dominate your field on the web.  We will put forth a massive effort to learn and understand your business and so that your business will be the one that comes out on top.

Partners in Success

We are looking for partnerships where we can grow and dominate your niche together.  Because of this unique approach, we will only accept one business to work with us per business category.  You will have our personal phone and email so that you can contact us with any concern any time.  And if you don’t mind, maybe we can share some chili or malasadas together.  You know the ones.

The Best SEO Company

We are awesome at producing SEO results for companies in Hawaii.  Not only that, we are part of mastermind groups that engage with the who’s who in the global SEO marketplace.  Rest assured that we keep ourselves up to date with what works and what to avoid so that you can have the best results now and in the future.

Our Services

What We Provide

What if anyone who searches Google could be your customers right now?  What if your website could access more online traffic from people looking for your product?  What if you could easily enter new markets using effective paid advertisements?  What if your videos could have the hundreds, thousands, or millions of views you’re looking for?

When it comes to SEO and online marketing, we have proven solutions catered to match your goals.  Through careful research, planning, and execution, we customize a solution for your business so that you achieve the amazing results that you and your business deserve.  We make it happen.  Now is your time to shine.

Did we mention we Dominate?

The 1st page of Google is just the beginning. We relentlessly work to take over the whole page. We already dominate the entire first page for multiple clients.

In-House Local Work

Do you really want to work with agencies that will hire out to vendors in India, Philippines, or Pakistan on the cheap, without any understanding of your local business and risking your online reputation?  We don’t cut corners.  All work is handled by our team of internet marketing pros.

Web Design

Do you like our page?  We can help you.  We create a search engine-optimized, mobile-friendly page, so that you don’t miss out on customers who wants your service now. And, it doesn’t hurt that you have a site that you can brag about.


We deliver awesome results!  We get the job done or we’ll let you know — either way you’re not bound to long-term contracts that don’t make sense. 

Social Marketing

It’s true.  Your online social presence impacts your bottom line.  Harness the power of social media to drive customers to your door.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO: The process of providing search engines — Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many others — with information they want to see.

A lot of factors can affect where you rank in any online search – website, site-speed, social media, content, business listings, citations, backlinks, authority and trusts, and much more.

Let us handle the geeky work so you can focus on your business and your bottom line.

We’re not satisfied when you’re number one.  We work until you dominate the ENTIRE page one.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Yelp, and the list goes on.

Everyone knows social media influences how customers view your business, but do you want to waste all of your time with hit-or-miss social media advertising?  We use targeted marketing strategies and professionally-written, customized content to get your business message in front of your audience.

We believe your time is best spent growing your business; let us give you that time back.

Internet Marketing

Do you keep an customer email list?  Do you have a following on social media?  How about instead of paying for expensive listings in hard-copy paper door-stops, you have advertisements that only cost when prospective customers are already interested in your product?

These sweet ideas and so much more are all available with Internet Marketing.  Let our experience create effective internet marketing service, so you can experience increasing revenue.


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How do we boost your business for the capital of Georgia!

My name is Lym Sung Peter Kim and you came across my site by searching “SEO” or from one of our YouTube videos.

I’ve lived in St. Paul and in Hawaii and when my main social media contact person moved to Atlanta, more and more requested to work for SEO for Atlanta businesses grew.  As it with any business, we started to expand the marketing operation in to more places and working on marketing for businesses in Atlanta naturally grew.  That is one great thing about digital marketing.  We can help any business achieve higher levels of success anywhere in the world.

If you want Search Engine Optimization work done for Atlanta SEO, then there is no other place better to work with than the page you are at.

We have ranking through out the United States and you will certainly benefit from the growth with more leads coming through various search engines, especially Google.

Phone book is a think of the past and positioning yourself on Google is one of the surefire way to maximize your return on investment.  You somehow got a hold of information on SEO and you are here at this page.  There are people already looking for your services and your products.  We just have to get you in front of them and the most natural way to do it is through Search Engine Optimzation.  Contact us today and let’s open up the next chapter of your business together.


Lymsung Peter Kim.

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